Earn Your Red Key Badge from Segway Off Road!

Our Red Key Badge is a special badge for people who are proficient and confident riders of segways. To earn this special badge riders must be able to handle riding a segway over varied terrain, in the hills, urban settings, and beaches, safely. Safety is key for Segway Off Road, and one reason that we customize all our segway tours according to our assessment of our guest’s abilities.

We include private instruction for our guests at the beginning of each tour, so each person is given the training and personal attention they need to succeed. Every tour at Segway Off Road is an adrenalin boosting adventure, but our Extreme Adrenalin Tours push the envelope further and provide truly extreme adventure.

Red Key Badge holders can enjoy Extreme Adrenalin segway tours throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, in the mountains, on beaches, and in places you’d never imagine! Part of the fun is that you get to access the natural beauty of the SF Bay Area in places you might not discover otherwise.

Red Key Badge is your pass for the ability to actually rent an off road version Segway to take out on your own. Very few places anywhere will give you this opportunity. As part of our repeat business or preferred customer program the “red key badge” you will be your key to being able to rent an off road Segway from us directly. Imagine all the places you’ve ever wanted to go but didn’t have the Segway for, now you can. Call today and get moving towards your Red Key Badge rental program.

Be sure to visit our site often as our segway tour options are always expanding… and so is our photo library! Will your photo be featured next?


2 Responses to Red Key Badge

  1. I will like to know if i qualifie for this red badge ?

    • Well Armelle thanks for taking the time to qualify for our Red Key Badge rewards program! Yes you have completed your required tours and are now able to rent an Off Road Segway directly from us. As a bonus you are also on our list for first time “new” tour location demo riders and will be contacted about any and all our new and future tours and locations first before we offer them to the general public, congratulations!

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