Professionals in the entertainment industry know that life on the road, and staging large events, can sometimes present some unique challenges to staff and performers. A top priority for staff and performers alike is quick, easy transportation right from a bus or hotel room to their destination.

Segways move quickly and safely through crowds at outdoor events, on movie and TV filming lots, for celebrity use personally, and for a range of staff, security and management tasks. We have provided Segways to top entertainers in the music, film and TV industries, and to large event venues for staff and event management.

Segways do not use fossil fuel, and go about 19 miles on a single charge that costs less than 10 cents. Since Segways easily collapse and store in tour bus bays, they are ideal for entertainment pros while touring. Celebrities love the freedom of pulling put their personal Segway to run an errand while on the road. Segways give entertainers new independence, something they can appreciate to ease the stress of touring.

segway VIP servicesIt’s no wonder Segways are increasingly being used for security staff too… they offer fast, quiet, easy transportation that is cheaper than golf carts and easier on the feet than walking! Since the rider stands above the crowd, this presents a distinct advantage to security professionals. With a top speed of 12 mph for the off road version, Segways travel fast and light, using hardly any energy to recharge. A single charge will give an average of 19 miles of riding, and costs about ten cents.

One of the specialities of Segway Off Road is custom Segway designs. (We’ve created gold plated Segways for celebrities such as Usher.) We can design custom storage and electronic features, plus add glamour to the look of any Segway.

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