Segway Off Road owner, Drew Foster, was one of the first participants in Segway polo. He played on Steve Wozniak’s first Segway polo team, along with other prominent Apple employees, and has been an active team member on various Segway polo teams since.

Segway polo has grown to an international sport, complete with”Cups” competitions and fans. Europeans, Caribbean Islanders, and Latin Americans are all getting involved with Segway Polo as the appeal of this eco friendly sport spreads.


The top folks at Apple Computer have been rolling on Segways for years. Silicon Valley executives know how much fun Segways can be, and like their eco friendly footprint as well. Athletes love Segways too, but if you’re a geek by nature watch out! Warning! Segways can be addictive to Geeks. If you’re an Apple fan you might want to check out the Woz Cup, an international Segway Polo competition.


Segway Off Road was the first to offer Segway Polo Lessons, and we’ve learned a few things along the way. We now Offer a Serious Segway Polo Lesson session, which includes a short tour of the Jack London water front to get you warmed up, then we turn up the heat by adding a┬áhard core Polo training session. This is where you learn and practice the skills you’ll need to compete in this internationally growing new sport. Weather you’re an avid athlete or a computer geek you will learn the new skills needed to enter this hot growning new sport of Segway Polo. We Provide all the gear needed and of course the Segway, this Lesson and tour lasts for about 4 hours and works best in groups of 4 or more, but we will train anyone who wants to learn.

Group of 4 = $460 (plus tax)

Individuals = $150 (plus tax)