custom segway wheelchairMOBILITY CHALLENGED? NOT!

Assisting the mobility challenged is a special calling for Segway Off Road owner, Drew Foster. Injuries from serious accidents early in his life eventually left him depressed and out of shape, until he discovered Segways through a friend.

Once Foster rode a Segway he was hooked! Soon his love of adventure inspired him to begin riding his street model Segway on trails near his home in the Oakland hills. A wipe out inspired him to design the first off road Segway, and his love of Segways was cemented.

Since Drew began riding in 2003, he’s trimmed down, gotten fit, and renewed his love of life and outdoor adventure through Segways. Now he shares his passion with others who, like him, crave adventure, but may not find it physically possible to go places they want due to mobility issues.

custom segway wheelchairSegway Off Road has designed custom Segways for people who are para-palegic or mobility challenged in other ways. On a Segway, no one feels handicapped!

Custom Segways can replace wheelchairs, scooters, and other devices. They fit through standard doorways, don’t mark up floors, and are eco friendly. Charging a Segway costs less than a dime, and one charge can last 19 miles. In certain cases, custom Segways can allow someone who normally has to sit to stand and move freely again.

Segways change lives. Segway Off Road is happy to be a partner in enabling all people to enjoy our natural landscape freely.

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  1. Perry Klein says:

    I had a stroke about 20 years ago and while I can walk with a cane it’s slow going due to right side paralysis. I use a manual wheelchair for long distances. I have effective use of my left arm and hand, but the right is impaired. I would require a ballast to steady and lock the chair mounting and dismounting. I’m able to ride a recumbent adult trike with all hand controls on the left side. Do you think I would be a candidate for a Segway off-road? Thanks for your input.

    • Tim rose says:

      I am in the same disability range right side n use powerchair to get around town can walk some but realy want to do this adventure aswell

      • Thanks for contacting Segway Off Road Tim!

        If you want to experience this type of adventure then you found the right place. I’d be glad to show you what fun n adventures there are to be had while rolling around the bay area. Just give me a call and we can set up a play date.

  2. Daniel Moncier says:

    I was looking into your product. Does any insurance cover this? I had a stroke 3 years ago that left my right side very weak… It is hard to get around for different amounts of time and terrain. Any amount of info would be great

    • Hello Daniel,

      As of right now the only insurance program I know of is the US military. It seems they have a program called wounded soldiers that gives segways to disabled vets returning from Irac.

  3. Lendon Kok says:

    I have a friend in Montenegro that does not speak English. He has recently become paralyzed and lost the use of his legs. He has seen the off road Segway for someone handicapped. He does not speak English and wants me to do some research on it for him.
    He weighs about 220 LBS is that an issue?
    How much does it cost?
    Can it be shipped to Montenegro or would he have to come and get it?
    How long does a battery charge last?
    Can it be checked as baggage or would it have to be shipped as freight?
    Is it made just for him requiring him to be present for the building?
    I can’t think of anything else but all other information you can add would be helpful.
    Lendon Kok

  4. Elsa says:

    Hola mi esposo es discapacitado y tiene un seg way 2 x. Quiere adaptarlo como silla de ruedas. Cuanto cuesta?
    Dónde se hace?
    Vivimos en Argentina.
    Desde ya muchas gracias por la respuesta

  5. René says:

    Hi, i would like to know if you sale me the Segway chair I’m also a paraplegic, thank you, René.

  6. Yael Coppleson says:

    Would you be willing to share some pricing on the custom mobility segways?im looking to purchase one for my dad who is a double amputee.

  7. Robert W Sullivan says:

    It is near impossible to find pricing and dealers for these chairs. All there is, is BS about legality using them by parapeligics or public roadways.

  8. Dennis says:

    My girlfriend lives in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and would like some information to buy the Segway wheelchair.
    Please, I would request it to report on the manufacturer’s website or sales representative in the USA.
    Thank you very much!

  9. John Halter says:

    Looking for a wheelchair I can ride off road and in the woods, have I found it? Does your chair have supports that hold it for transfer? What am I looking at for cost? Will you ship your chair for me to install on a Segway?

  10. Brock says:

    I have recently stuffed a burst t 5 vertebra that left me a paraplegic. I’m interested in trying a seated segway for purchase. How does someone go about getting the information to test one and possibly buy one?

    • Hello Brock,

      Sorry to hear about your recent vertabrae.
      I think the best way is to schedule an appointment to come down and try the one we have and from there discuss what your looking for exactly.

  11. Douglas says:

    Good product! I would like to find out how much one of these mobility scooters cost. Are they readily available, are they expensive, are there a lot of options available? I am seriously interested!

    • Hello Douglas,

      Thank you for contacting Segway Off Road.

      Generally the units we are working with run between $12k-$14k depending the modifications and accessories.
      Currently they are not what I would call readily available as we are working to find new sources for parts. Each unit is put together specifically for each customer, so costs and additions are only estimated.
      As far as options, we do make custom one off designs so if you can dream it we might be able to make it.

      Thank you for your interest,

      Drew Foster
      Segway Off Road

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