Segway Off Road Adrenalin Tour Jump Segway Off Road Adrenalin Tours Rock!

2 hours (all ride time). Adrenalin Segway Off Road tours are only offered to individuals who have earned our exclusive Red Key Badge. How can you earn a Segway Off Road Adrenalin Tour Badge? It’s easy and fun!

To earn your Segway Off Road Red Key Badge you must complete a recent urban Segway tour from us or from any other competitor (just show a receipt or picture of a past tour), and one Off Road Segway Tour. (for a total of two previous tours)

You must be able to handle higher speeds acurately while riding your Segway over a wide variety of terrains. Be prepared for a real adventure on  an Adrenalin tour!

If you own your own Segway, then we can test your skills to help you earn your badge instantly. Simply contact us to set up an appointment for one of our staff to test you, and earn your badge.

Adrenalin Segway Off Road tours are perfect for you if you love an adrenalin rush and want to enjoy the redwoods like you have never before. Each segway tour is truly a once in a life time ride!

Every Tour is Custom & Private

Segway Off Road Custom Adrenalin TourSince we customize our segway tours, we have the ability to make every tour feel new and unique. With an array of gorgeous trails throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, our tours are also known for natural beauty and exceptional photo ops.

If you’re looking for a truly unique, eco friendly and fun adventure in the San Francisco Bay Area, then you’ll love tours at Segway Off Road!

Price: $100 per person (plus tax)

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