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  1. Ruby Garza says:

    As a motorbike rider i came to take the tour with skepticism and sarcasm and returned a segway believer. The off road Segway is a sweet mode of transportation! Drew’s passion for the Oakland Hills and the surrounding area is displayed in his delivery of its historical past. The joy of maneuvering an off road vehicle under the canopy of redwoods with beautiful views of the bay is an excellent way to spend a day.

    • Barbara Zimmerman says:

      As a Senior Citizen I was very worried that I would fall and embarrase myself and the other riders. Drew has such an easy going attitude (Sorry Drew the truth is out) and he put me at ease. Drew’s absolute passion and knowledge of the Oakland Hills and the beautiful Golden Gate was fabulous. I will admit I was VERY sore, but remember I am a Senior Citizen. I have shared my experience with anyone who will listen and now I am going to sign up my granddaughter and my son in this wonderful adventure with Drew.
      Segway Smile………………

  2. Stephen says:

    Hello, Please feel free to check out our off-road scooters at
    they are soon coming to America and are a solid competitor for the Segway X2 in power, performance,
    reliability and lifespan. They are 50% the price.

  3. Carol DeWitt says:

    Do you offer gift certificates? I’d like to give the Lil Redwood tour to my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas. They would have to contact you to set a date.
    Thank you.

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