Big Redwoods Tour

The Big Redwoods tour will take off from the Segway Off Road headquarters in the Oakland Hills. After your safety video, helmet choice and private lesson, you and your group is off to the redwoods! On the way stop for panoramic views of the bay, closeup shots of the Chabot Telescopes, traverse the many different terrains of the redwoods.

While in the redwoods learn about a historic ol giant that helped countless numbers of sailors navigate the shallows of the bay, witness the secrets of the surrounding parks while riding along the top of the mountain. As you continue your journey, keep a lookout for a glimpse of waterfalls, pyramids, and wildlife. Just as you need to slow down, you get a break for snacks and drinks (if you didn’t bring any of your own no problem because we have negotiated a great special discount with the local restaurant). Tour lasts for approximately 4 hours and is our biggest and longest tour yet.

Cost per person: $150


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  1. Joshua Butterfied says:

    Are there specific times in which the Big Redwoods tours are scheduled for or are they done on a drop in basis?

    • From the time we open till we close, times are available for the big redwoods tour.
      Here at Segway Off Road we specialize in custom private tours , meaning we don’t have set times for tours, we go when you wanna go. You make a reservation, based on availabilty, for a day n time and that’s it. We do like to suggest a morning or afternoon time based on the weather (sometimes its cold or foggy).

      • Roz says:

        Dear Sedg,
        My friends and I had heard of a discount ($75 dollars) for lessons and a tour but the discount does
        not appear on your site. We would like to go this coming Monday Aug 20 and were hoping for
        a chance to do this. Can you help us.
        Thanks, Roz

        • Hello Roz,
          Which tour and lesson are you referring to, we have offered a few. We do from time to time work with social buying sites to offer a “half price” deal or discount on tours or programs we offer. Sometimes these programs are even exclusive to that social buying site, which might be why you dont see it on our site. Another reason could be is that those “discounted deals” are offered for a very limited time such as 1-3 days.
          I hope this helps.
          We also only have 1 day off a week and unfortunetly that day is mondays, if there is another day you might have in mind, we of course would love to have you visit us so we can help you get your segway smile!
          Segway Off Road

      • David Luu says:

        For this tour, typically, how far in advance do you have to call to schedule a tour?

      • Generally speaking our tour times are 10am 12pm 2pm and 3pm for all 2 Hr. Tours and 10am and 2pm for our 4 Hr. Tours.

    • Lauren says:

      I hope you guys realize what your doing is pretty awesome! Now people don’t have to just walk or hike through the woods.
      It sounds like another great way to enjoy the great outdoors by way of Segway. This is why America is great! Because of concepts like this….Off-road segway tours is an extremely exciting new concept and I really hope it spreads because I would love to see more of them popping up in our regional and state parks…Do you have any idea how many people like myself can’t hike or walk long distances up hills? Way to bring the nature and tranquility to everyone. Really, a round of applause for off-road Segway tours. I really hope that your business continues to grow for us all!

      • Thank you so much Lauren, you are not alone!
        This is exactly why/how Segway Off Road was started, due to fallout from my younger life of adrenalin seeking I have been limited in my own mobility.

        Did you know when the 1st Segway came out I actually had no interest until the day that came where I got to try one out.
        Well I was instantly sold on the potential it offered me, to get back outdoors exploring the places where I recently wasnt able to on my own without one.

  2. Dave says:

    Is the Redwoods tour running 3rd-4th week in Sept?

    • Hello Dave,
      Yes we are doing the big redwoods tour in sept. And have added it to our site as a permenate tour. Although we will be closed for the labor day holiday until the 6th.
      Thanks for your inquiry.

  3. David Luu says:

    Are there weight/height restrictions for riding a segway in one of your tours? Disneyland had one where you had to be at least 100 lbs.

    • Hello David,

      Yes there are weight restrictions, Segway Inc. suggests a minimum of 100 lbs and a maximum of 250 lbs. My experience is that the segway itself needs at least 80 lbs. and up to 275 lbs. to be operated safely over the different terrains we traverse on out redwood tours. I hope this helps.

  4. Zinthia says:

    Do you have tours on Sundays?

    i looked on the living social and the tour that is 4 hour tour could be on a sunday?

    thank you

    • Hello Zinthia, yes we do offer segway tours on sundays, after April we will no longer be doing the big redwoods tours on sundays so we can highlight/offer our new locations for our repeat and interested customers.

  5. Steve says:

    I believe I read on your website that an offroad Segway only creates half the pressure of a human foot. Is that true? Seems amazing!

    • This is true, by spreading your weight out 36 inches across this platform it redistributes the weight having the effect of leaving less of an impression in the soft or dirt terrains. This makes it a viable option for turf, golf courses and any kind of dirt trail without damaging the surface.

  6. Teresa says:

    Will you guys be offering redwoods tours between 12/21 and 12/27–for four? Hope to hear soon!

  7. Chelsey says:

    Will you be open for the Big Redwoods tours on the 1st of Jan? If not what are the days after the 27th through the 2nd that you are available?

    • Hello Chelsey, Thanks for asking we will be open the 27,28,29 of Dec. and will reopen Jan 2nd. As for holidays if the bank or post office are closed most likely so are we, this includes Fathers day. Although some holidays we will be open like valantines day,mothers day, st. pattys day and this year maybe 4th of July I hope this help

  8. Chelsey says:

    Also, which days are considered holidays?

    • Any major Holiday that our government employee’s have off. We do however from time to time still offer some limited tours on certain holidays, sorry this isnt more straight forward. If you want to book for a holiday just call plenty in advance and ask.

  9. christine bonacorsi says:

    hey segway guru drew..this is christine of tommy and christine who havent seen you in a while..I am interested in surprising tommy with a segway tour for his birthday, it is on dec 18, so either 14th, 15th, 21st, or 22nd.

  10. Hello David,

    Thanks for contacting us at Segway Off Road!

    Although we are open for this weekends holiday unfortunetly we are never open on Mondays and as it turns out we are also fully booked for this coming Tuesday July 7th.
    We would be glad to get you a reservation for the first available opening on the following Wed. July 15th.
    Just let us know asap if this or any other future dates could work for you.

    Segway Off Road

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